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Portable Butane Stove w/ Case

Portable Butane Stove w/ Case

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Make more than food. Make memories.

You wake up snuggled in your sleeping bag. You blink the sleep out of your eyes and watch the morning dew roll down the outside of your tent. You take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and smell…bacon!? Seems like an early bird in your camping party has already fired up the stove!

Ready for adventure.

Before beginning any outdoor adventure, you first have to tetris-load all of your gear into your car, RV, or boat. Our portable butane stove comes in a compact and sturdy carrying case, making transport simple.

Perfectly practical.

With instant and safe fuel loading, a matchless ignition system, and adjustable heat control, this stove is also ideal for adventures closer to home. Perfect for everything from BBQs in the park, to backyard cookouts, to the unplanned adventure of a power outage!


NOT to be used indoors. Butane fuel NOT included. 

  • Storage case with handle
  • Fuel loads instantly and safely
  • Easy to use
  • Great for emergency use
  • Automatic piezo electric ignition



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