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Ice Cleats

Ice Cleats

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Get a grip!

Tread with confidence and avoid dangerous falls with our sturdy ice cleats. Multi-direction steel cleats chomp into ice and snow, instantly increasing traction for any style of footwear.

Ready when you need them most.

As Canadians, we know that adverse weather can arrive without warning. That’s why our snow and ice shoe grips are designed for maximum portability. Fold them up, toss them in your bag or glove box, and be ready for whatever winter brings.

Stay Safe.

Don’t let a routine commute or grocery run become an epic—and risky—endeavor. With Olympia Ice Cleats, you’ll navigate even the most perilous icy sidewalks with ease.



Small: Men's US 3-6 / Women’s US 4.5-7.5 / EU 35-39

Medium: Men's US 7-9 / Women’s US 8.5-10.5 / EU 40-43

Large: Men's US 10-12 / Women’s US 11.5-13.5 / EU 44-47

XL: Men's US 13-16 / Women's US 14.5-17.5 / EU 48-51



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